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Telephone services – Prepaid toll-free number 800

Prepaid toll-free number 800

This service includes the activation of a toll-free number with the prefix 800, with prepaid telephone traffic.
This service must be combined with one of the three formulas “Pronto 20”, “Pronto 50” or “Pronto 100”.

The costs

Activation and first top-up € 150.00
Rates – from € 0.0413 min.
Fixed operating cost Not applicable
Top-up cost Not applicable
Monthly fees Not applicable

The advantages

  • Easy storage of the number
  • Enhanced company image
  • Simple implementation
  • No fixed costsù
  • Limited financial investment

All items are subject to 20% VAT.

Activate service

Month of free trial - Are you a new client? - You only pay euro 97.00 with 100 calls included!

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